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Thunderstone - The Burning

Release: 2004
Label: Nuclear Blast
By: Tordah
Thunderstone-The Burning
Posted: Dec 29, 2004

The Burning is the second album from Finnish power metal band Thunderstone. The band was formed in 2000 and released their self-titled debut album in 2002. They have gotten quite a lot of recognition already and with this album they will surely attract more fans.

Thunderstone play a pretty straight-forward type of power metal. Some songs could even be classified as heavy metal. The songs are mostly fast to mid-tempo with the occasional ballad. The songstructures are quite simple but there are some really great tracks on the album. I’ve heard them being called the band that will take over after Stratovarius quit but I don’t know if I agree with that yet.

The vocalist Pasi Rantanen is perhaps not your typical power metal singer. He sings with a much lower voice and doesn’t always try to hit the highest notes possible. His voice is powerful though and fits in with Thunderstone’s music perfectly. This is a good thing since it separates Thunderstone from power metal bands with vocalists that try to hard to sing like Kai Hansen & Timo Kotipelto but fail. The guitarwork is good but nothing extraordinary, there are some fast solos occasionally but nothing you haven’t heard before. The keyboards sound kinda cheesy at times and they mostly follow the guitar, but there are some cool keyboard leads as well. The drums are solid but a little bit more variation wouldn’t hurt.

I have to say I liked Thunderstone’s debut album more than “The Burning”. That album had several kickass tunes that stuck in your head while on this album there’s just two or three standout-tracks. Thunderstone would gain a lot if they were more creative and the songs were more diverse than on this album. The tracks are to similar to each other. But if you liked their debut album you will like this one as well. I just hope they can top their debut album with their next release.

Rating: 7/10

[This review was first published on the now defunct webzine]

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