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Amorphis - Eclipse

Release: 2006
Label: Nuclear Blast
By: Anders
Posted: Feb 27, 2006

The Finns in Amorphis have now returned with a new album, an album that has been anticipated with a slight tone of fear, for my instance at least, as this is the first release from the band, with their new singer Tomi Joutsen, who has replaced Pasi Koskinen, a task that seemed like a tough one, though Tomi pulls it off with ease and grandeur.

The vivid and fluent rock the band delivers, with a good splash of folk-elements in the mix, works really well. The music does still ooze of melancholy and the bleak atmospheres do often shine through, as we are guided through the living and captivating world of Amorphis. The song-writing skills in the band are enormous, the music is simple, yet progressive and filled with highs. The atmospheres rise, as the layers of music unveils itself in all its beauty. All from straight up rock, to the progressive tones, a bit of psychedelic inputs here and there, all alive and breathing, taking the listener on a travel into unknown fields of the mind. The folk-elements the band uses to spice up the music are well-written and used very clever. They add the last icing on the cake and makes the tunes very interesting, I especially like the flute that are used once in a while and the acoustic guitar as well. The vocals are great, there is a good alternation between the clean vocal, which is very good, and Tomi's hellish growl, which also works very well, especially together with his clean voice. The guitars are great as well, there are some amazing melancholic guitar leads flowing through the songs most of the time, drenched with a folkish feel and sound, it sounds really good, and ties the album together. The subtle organ that appears once in a while is really good as well, and adds that last touch on some of the tracks, with its psychedelic effects on the mind.

The production of the album deserves to be mentioned as well, it is organic and fat, the music flows out of the speakers as lukewarm sweet butter and enters the ears, and leaves nothing but pleasure behind. There are left much room for the instruments, which are floating around in the sound picture, as light as feathers, even though they sting like a bee, when they hit you. A good and complimenting production.

I'm a bit surprised by the impact this album has had on me. I can't think of a bad album made by the band, but neither an album by them that has taken me by storm, as this one has. The music is delivered really well, the atmospheres are amazing and enchanting. It is hard to pick out a favourite on an album like this, as it all works really well, when it is allowed to flow in its full length. Though the track 'Brother Moon' is a revelation in melancholy, with great vocals and captivating folk-elements, a real beauty of a song, that goes straight through mind and body and hits the soul!

Rating: 9/10

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