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Thunderstone - Tools of Destruction

Release: 2005
Label: Nuclear Blast
By: Tordah
Thunderstone-Tools of Destruction
Posted: Jun 25, 2005

“Tools of Destruction” is the third album from Thunderstone and with this album they have moved further away from their power metal sound to a more heavy metal approach. Still, the familiar Thunderstone sound is there and instantly recognizable. There aren’t any tracks like the fast and catchy ‘Let the Demons Free’ from their debut album on here. Instead, most of the tracks are rather slow in comparison. Basically the tracks are mid-tempo and the double-bass drumming is used more sparingly. The production is clear and crisp and sounds pretty similar to their previous album. No complaints here.

The album’s strong points lies in the overall quality of the songs. There’s no really bad song on here but also no song that makes your jaw drop. If you’re familiar with Thunderstone you know pretty much what to expect. I’d say the best track on here is the 8 min long ‘Land of Innocence’. A great and epic track with one of Pasi Rantanen’s best vocal performances yet. The riffs are simple but catchy and the keyboards sound quite okay too. On some of the other tracks the keyboards sound too cheesy and they don’t really fit in with the rest of the music. That’s one of the weaker points of the album. Another weak points are the lyrics. Can’t the band be more creative in this area? It’s like they only know a certain amount of words and have to use them over and over again. Words like kings, road, wings, world, strong and so on seems to be in every Thunderstone song and it’s starting to get a bit tedious. But hey, at least it’s not dungeons and dragons lyrics, right?

This album is probably an album some people will like a lot and some people will hate it just as much. It has it’s strong points and it’s weak point but the in the end the good overweighs the bad. The songs are the most important thing after all, and if the lyrics and keyboards are bad it doesn’t mean it totally ruins it. But there’s definitely room for improvement here. If I were to compare “Tools of Destruction” to their other albums I’d say it’s better than “The Burning” but worse than their self-titled debut. So there you have it, it’s up to you to decide if you want to check this out or not.

Rating: 7,5/10

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