By: Anders
Posted: Jan 2, 2006

The featured band for January is the Norwegian death metal/industrial trio V:28, which so far has released 2 albums and are as we speak slowly working on the third. The first 2 albums together with the upcoming third are a part of a trilogy, a story told through 28 tracks. What the story-line is about and how the music is, can you find out be checking out the reviews of the albums and the interview with the band.

The Norwegian machine V:28 was formed in 2002 by guitarist/programmer/composer Kristoffer Oustad and guitarist/bassist Eddie Risdal (Ancestral Legacy), when their prior band V:O:I:D: was disbanded due to some unfortunate accidents. This quote from the band's official biography describes pretty well what the band is all about: "V:28 is a half-human half-machine band, with an apocalyptic and cold atmosphere to it. The concept of the band is based upon a prophecy about the deconstruction and transformation of Earth, thereof the V:28 - the voice of innovative deconstruction".

The band made the demo "Time Is Empty" in 2002, before they entered the studio with LRZ of Red Harvest fame to record their debut album "NonAnthropogenic", which later on in 2003, at Halloween to be exact, was released by the American label Vendlus Records and received very well by both the press and the metalheads around the world.

After the release of the album, Atle Johansen (Ancestral Legacy) was added as the permanent bassist in V:28 and the band carried on in rest of 2003 and 2004 and played a good deal of concerts in Norway and started to write material for the second album.

In the end of 2004 the band once again entered the studio together with LRZ to record the second album. The recordings were done on January 2005 and the album "SoulSaviour" was released in late May, again by Vendlus Records. In the end of 2005 the band played their first concerts outside of Norway, a show in Aalborg, Denmark and one at the Darkness United II Festival in Kiel, Germany. Right now the band has slowly started to work on their 3rd album.

Check out the reviews of NonAnthropogenic and SoulSaviour.

And the very good and interesting interview with Kristoffer Oustad.

Band members:

Kristoffer Oustad – Lead guitar and programming
Eddie Risdal – Guitars
Atle Johansen - Bass


Time is Empty – Demo 2002
Promotion CD 2003 – Promo 2003
NonAnthropogenic – 2003
SoulSaviour - 2005

V:28 website

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